Conquer That To Do List!

The Simple, Sustainable System to Get Things Done! | taught by Mary Kutheis

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Are your days crazy busy?

What are your days like? Really busy? Do you have a long list of things you want to get done? Maybe several partially complete lists scattered here and there? At the end of every day it can seem like you’ve worked hard and been busy but your To Do list doesn’t look like it’s changed that much. It’s frustrating. To combat the frustration you might even add things to the list that you’ve already done just so you can cross them off. I’ve done it myself!

Is this you?

I coach busy, ambitious people who at minimum, need a better system for getting the right things done. So I created one and I want to share it with you, too.

What do you want from a To Do list? Ideally it’s a safe place to capture information about things you want to get done so you don’t have to keep it all in your head. Because we all know that counting on memory is a dicey proposition.

How do you choose what to do first?

It would also be great if your list helped you prioritize. It’s a good first step to have the 47 (or 147!) things you want to get done written in one place, but how do you know what to tackle first? Looking at a gigantic list all day long is overwhelming. And when you get overwhelmed the temptation is to gravitate toward things like email -- which may need to be done but is rarely the highest priority of the day and can be a real time suck. Right?

So you need to be good at prioritizing. Now, there’s a skill that makes a difference in how much of the right stuff you get done. This system has an answer to that.

Who shouldn't take this course...

If you have a system that's working for you, don't change a thing! Some people have already developed a great process for managing To Dos - whether it be paper-based or electronic. If that's you, read no more. There is no need to change systems just for the sake of newness. Stick with what you've got.

But if you are struggling with how to keep track of everything...

I work with people every day who are trying their best to squeeze in everything they want to get done. That may describe you, too. Start with all of the work tasks you need to get done then add all of the tasks for your home and family and things you want or need to do for yourself. It turns out to be a lot of stuff, right? The list is ever-changing -- usually growing rather than shrinking.

What you get...

By the time you’ve finished this short course you will:

  • Have one clean, crisp, organized master To Do list that includes all of the tasks you want to get done -- both personal and professional stuff
  • Be organized enough to make steady progress on large projects
  • Have a foolproof way to capture tasks that you think of when you're on the go
  • No longer be caught in the App Trap – you may be caught there right now and not even know it
  • Be armed with a helpful tool to help you beat procrastination
  • Know how to choose what to do first
  • Have a simple system to manage papers associated with certain tasks. A system so you won’t have to hunt through a giant pile or stacks of clutter on your desk.
  • Be on board for any updates to the program. I stay focused on how to make any system better and if/when I think I can add some value or functionality to the program, it’s yours at no extra charge.

Need an example of a big project?

Taxes. It would be a lot easier at the end of the year if certain tasks were taken care of throughout the year -- especially in the first quarter before filing time. Also, about all those documents, receipts and forms that you need to keep track of? Use a simple system to manage all of those papers and take the drama out of pulling everything together at the end of the year. And that's whether you do your taxes yourself or simply have to compile information for your accountant. It's a big project but it doesn't have to be a big hassle.

What else you get...

  • Time back -- LOTS of time is wasted every day trying to get a handle on what needs to be done and what needs to be done first. Plus, we're not a paperless society. Yet more time is lost looking for papers piled in stacks or bins on the desk. Use this system and feel confident that you know what to do, what to do first and be able to find what you need quickly. Get back that time!
  • Freedom -- You no longer have to keep looking for a system to help you get things done. Nor do you have to manage a mishmash of multiple systems. A simple, comprehensive and sustainable system is in your toolbox. When everything else gets crazy, your system is a place of calm and order.

Yep. All of that in less than two hours. It’s short and concise because you’re busy enough already. The system is simple, comprehensive and sustainable. There are no expensive tools to buy, complicated flow charts to follow or long books to read. Invest this small amount of time and money in yourself, your future success and peace of mind. Really. Get on board and Conquer That To Do List!

Mary Kutheis
Mary Kutheis
Focus Coach/Speaker/Trainer

Mary Kutheis (kooth-ice)
Focus Coach/Speaker/Trainer

Course Curriculum

Things You Need to Know Before You Start
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Module 1: The Brain Dump
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Module 2: Refining Your To Do List
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Module 3: From Denting to Demolishing Your To Do List
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